Templer Packages

The Templer system is made up of a number of small, distinct packages. Read the list of packages below to discover which templates are provided in each. Install the package which provides the functionality you need.

Package Listing


This package installs the core of the Templer system. It provides the base template and command classes, an extended system of vars which provide inline help and validation of template questions, and the core of the structures functionality.

This package provides:

  • the basic_namespace and nested_namespace package templates
  • the egg_docs structure and structures for each of the supported license options
  • the templer script, the command-line tool through which users may generate skeleton packages

This packages installs the Templer local command and local template. Any package which provides local commands must depend on this package.

This package provides the add paster local command.


The package installs functionality related to the zc.buildout system.

The package provides:

  • the basic_buildout and recipe templates
  • the bootstrap structure, used by any template which provides a buildout as part of its output

This package installs functionality related to Zope.

This package provides:

  • the zope2_basic and zope2_nested templates

Skeletons generated by these templates will include a buildout. The buildout will create a Zope 2 instance and include the generated package in that instance.


This package installs functionality related to Plone.

This package provides:

  • the plone_basic, plone_nested and archetype templates
  • the namespace_profile and nested_namespace_profile structures, which supply default GenericSetup profiles within a generated skeleton

Skeletons generated by these templates will include a buildout. The buildout will create a Zope 2 instance with Plone installed. The generated package will be included in the instance, and may be available for activation in a Plone site. Skeletons will also include an operational test harness with one or more pre-written tests.

The package may be installed with the [localcommands] extra, in which case it will depend on templer.plone.localcommands and will have local commands available for generated skeletons.

This package provides local commands for templates from the templer.plone package. Provided commands include browserview, browserlayer, at_contenttype and at_schema_field.

Package Dependencies

This diagram shows the dependency tree for existing Templer packages. Installing any Templer package will also install all of its dependencies. The base system provided by templer.core depends on PasteScript, PasteDeploy and Cheetah.

  templer.core        templer.localcommands
        ^                        ^
        |                        |
templer.buildout                 |
        ^                        |
        |                        |
  templer.zope      templer.plone.localcommands
        ^              ^
        |              |
  templer.plone [localcommands]