Definition of TermsΒΆ

local command
A Paste class which provides additional functionality within a generated skeleton.
A Python package.
The generated files and folders resulting from a user running a template.

1) A Python class which controls the generation of a tree of files and folders.

2) A unit of folders and files provided by the templer system for use in a template or templates. Structures provide shared, static resources that may be used by any package in the templer system.

Structures differ from templates in that they do not provide vars.


1) A Python class which controls the generation of a skeleton. Templates contain a list of vars to gather input from a user. Templates are run by executing the templer command and providing the template name as an argument: templer basic_namespace my.package

2) The files and folders provided by a templer package as content to be generated. The answers provided by a user in response to vars are used to fill placeholders in this content.

A question to be answered by the user when generating a skeleton from a template. A var provides a description of the information required, help text and validation rules to ensure accurate user input.