Templer Developer’s Manual¶

The templer developer’s manual will provide the information a developer needs to be able to create new templates to address their own particular needs.

The following are topics this manual will address:

  • Structure of a templer plugin

  • Making a new template

    • Am I subclassing something to do so?
    • What classes are available?
    • Why would I choose one over another?
    • How do I make a template?
  • How do I ask questions of the end-user?

    • What types of questions are available?
  • How do I insert responses into the template?

  • What is a template?

  • What is a structure?

  • Why/when would I use a template vs. a structure?

  • pre and post functions, how are they used? for what?

  • if else in template vs pre command

  • entry points

  • category in your new templer template class

  • how add egg to buildout/virtual env